Dr. Farshchian – Exercising with Arthritis

Dr. Alimorad Farshchian is a renowned expert in the treatments of arthritis. As medical director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida, Dr. Alimorad Farshchian helps improve the quality of life of patients suffering from this condition.

One of the difficulties people with arthritis and other types of joint conditions face is living an active lifestyle while experiencing joint pain and discomfort. Combining the exercise and meditative disciplines of T’ai chi, Yoga, and Qigong can help to address this problem.

T’ai chi involves slow, controlled movements that are gentle on the joints. The practice of Yoga helps to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Finally, Qigong is a martial arts school that focuses on breath, slow repetition of movements, and body awareness. Combining these three distinct disciplines can make exercise feasible and comfortable for people suffering from arthritis and similar conditions.


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