Acupuncture – Traditions and Modern Research

As medical director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Dr. Farshchian employs orthopedic regenerative medicine and nonsurgical techniques to treat people suffering from injuries and arthritis. The techniques Dr. Farshchian covers on his television program, The Arthritis Show, include acupuncture, which involves the insertion and manipulation of specialized needles into the body.

With origins in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture has its basis on a theory that qi, a flow of energy, controls the various functions of the body. This energy flow can become unbalanced, and the insertion of needles stimulates certain areas of the body and opens them up to an uninterrupted flow of energy. However, modern research has not found any biological or physical basis for the concept of qi. As a result, the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating pain (with the exception of neck issues) has been brought into question. Some studies have indicated that the benefits of acupuncture may be accounted for by the placebo effect, although the treatment is considered safe when undertaken by experienced practitioners.


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